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  • Step 3 : Customize Your Map (For Hunting/Custom Maps only)

  • Location of Map (Use drawing tools on desired location) *

    • Move Tool: Click and hold to drag the map to desired location.
    • Marker Tool: Click on desired location to drop a marker. (Deer Stands, Trail Cameras, etc)
    • Polygon Tool: Click on areas that surround your desired location, then return to your initial spot to create a polygon. (Approximate Property Boundary, Map Area, Food Plots, etc)
    • Polyline Tool: Click on areas to create a line on the map. (Roads, Trails, etc)
    • Rectangle Tool: Click once and move mouse to expand or shrink the rectangle around desired location. (Map Extent)
    • Circle Tool: Click once and move mouse to expand or shrink the circle around the desired location.
    •      After you create a shape around your location, you have the option to Name, Describe and change colors of your shape. If you don't want to do any of these things simple click Ok or Cancel.
    •      If you make a mistake on your map, click the Reset Map button below the map.

    ** This map tool is intended to aid in drawing approximate property boundaries, food plots, stands, bedding areas, trails, etc. for printed maps. The imagery on the map drawing tool (below) will be different than on map drafts.


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